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Communication Service

Message Minder is a service created for older adults and sight-impaired people to schedule and deliver messages to multiple platform independent IoT devices like Amazon Echo. We created an audio message streaming system, API to serve text and audio messages along with a backend for management of account and services for Message Minder Application

  • Technology: Audio Streaming over web-socket, amazon skill, PHP, Twilio, Lumen
  • Client: Message-Minder LLC, USA


Video-Sharing Web Application

Uooom allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. Available content includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.

  • Technology: Video Streaming over web-socket, PHP, Rest API
  • Client: Uooom.com


E-Commerce, T-Shirt Design

inkMASH.com is a dynamic web-store, where you can design and customize your t-shirts, hoodies & more. Have them delivered to your doorstep with only a few clicks of the mouse with convenient and secure online and cash-on-delivery payment options. This e-commerce site has currently processed over 5,000 customer orders.

  • Technology: Magento, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS
  • Client: InkMash, UAE

Elite Fleet Automotive

Car Rental System

EFA is a car rental service company based in Los Angeles who provides a car rental system. We have developed a complete car rental system with reports and analysis for EFA. This web-based application makes car rental management very easy.

  • Technology: PHP, Mysql, Codeigniter
  • Client: Elite Fleet Automotive, USA

PlayBack Studio

Sound Recording Studio

We developed frontend and administration panel for Playback Studio based in Los Angeles. We also developed an automated technical resource hiring system for Playback Studio.

  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS
  • Client: PlayBack Studio, USA

Rajasthan Images

Indian Stock Images

Rajasthan Images is a stock photo website. We developed an administration panel, image processing system & frontend of the website. We also promoted Rajasthan Images using digital mediums, and now Rajasthan Images is one of the leading stock image websites in India.

  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, CSS
  • Client: Rajasthan Images, India

Pro Vakil

Productivity & Case Management System

Provakil is a productivity & case management system for advocates in India. Provakil is one or large system that has more than 40 million judicial case records. Provakil is a platform-independent application which runs on iOS devices, Android devices and any computer running Windows, Linux or Mac

  • Technology: Swift, Java, PHP, Lumen, Data Science
  • Client: PVKL Services Pvt Ltd, India


Self Drive Car Rental and Car Sharing Services

Voler premier self drive car rental and sharing service offering the best quality of cars at affordable prices.

  • Technology: Java, PHP, Lumen
  • Client: Voler Pvt. Ltd


Health & Fitness

HealthFile mobile application let user manage and keep all important medical reports and records handy when you need them most. HealthFile allow users to securely share your health records to your doctors or friends anytime.

  • Technology: Java, PHP, Lumen
  • Client: Pixitree Digital Creatives Pvt. Ltd

Medix int

Health & Fitness

Medix mobile application help users to find nearby hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and doctors in your area. Using very simple steps users can make appointments on Medix with your nearby hospital or doctor. Users can manage and access medical reports using app.

  • Technology: Swift, PHP Based API
  • Client: Medix int

Go Hostel

Hostel Booking Service

GoHostel App allow users to find and book hostels, hotels, PG, service appartment, guest house and co-living space.

  • Technology: Java, Swift, PHP, Lumen, Booking System
  • Client: GoHostel, India

NTV Alert

Reginal TV Channel

NTV is an Indian regional Telugu news channel launched in 2007 along with South India's first devotional channel--Bhakthi TV. Telecast 24x7 and watched in many countries, NTV is one of the leading regional channels. With a tagline of 'Prathikshanam Prajahitham' NTV believes news is an important tool in heralding a change in the society.

  • Technology: Swift, PHP, Lumen
  • Client: Rama Devi Tummala

Kleen Car Wash

Car Servicing Booking Application

Kleen Car Wash is online car cleaning service booking application. Users can register using application and book servicing slot at your convinent time

  • Technology: Java, PHP, Lumen
  • Client: Kleen Car Wash, India